I came across this sign outside a restaurant a few days ago.

While the grammar is all wrong, the message is clear.

I also watched a Hong Kong YouTuber this week and there were a lot of language errors pronunciation, wrong words etc.

If it was my video, I will re-record and edit all that out. It would take a lot more time and make it more “perfect”.

But the video from the Hong Kong YouTuber got tons of views. Better yet a lot of people interacted in the comments section. That’s what matters.

So the message matters a lot more than the delivery.

Off course if you are a professional speaker, that’s a different story.

For what its worth, the simple funny photo below I posted without much thought on Twitter got over 4,500 impressions, almost 600 engagements and counting.

The best things is people checking my profile and over time, that will drive traffic to this site.

The lesson here is don’t be afraid to try new things. You may fail. But then again you may succeed.