I released a new video where I reviewed Filmora X. It is a quick run through of the new features. I also showed you how to use the features.
Being a free upgrade from Filmora 9, I have to say I like the new features. Motion tracking and keyframe will give you more flexibility when you create your videos.

The user interface is the almost the same as Filmora 9 so using Filmora X shouldn’t be an issue.

Side note - in Filmora 9 I turned GPU hardware acceleration on rendering and playback to ON. I found the same settings created lag with Filmora X. Turning it OFF gave much better results. If you have the same issues, do test your settings. I’m using a rather old laptop so YMMV.

If you are looking for an easy to use video editor that’s budget friendly, you can try Filmora X.

Download Filmora X here.

If you are new to making videos and want to learn how to use Filmora, check out my step by step training here. Note that the training was recorded in Filmora 9 with updates to the new feature in Filmora X. The user interface is still the same so you will be able to learn Filmora X.