Whether you are a new entrepreneur, or a seasoned one, here are 11 websites that every entrepreneur should know about.

Market research

Google Trends – observe trends that is happening in search. Since the data is not updated immediately, what you see may be a bit slow if you really want to catch a rising trend.  See other options below.

DuckDuckGo - alternative search engine to Google search. Google search is the most popular, however, the search results you get, is what everyone else is getting. You need information from other sources that is different, out of the “Google’s bubble”. As an added benefit, DuckDuckGo doesn’t track what you searched for.

Crowd sourcing sites - Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. Again to see what are current trends in the market. You can see what projects people like, what gets funded, how fast etc. Great for physical products and get a pulse on what’s happening. Obviously, you can also use these sites to test your product’s marketability.

Quora – to find out what people are asking. You can filter for specific topics.

Insights to customers

Seth Godin’s blog – Seth has many interesting insights to what’s happening, in business, marketing, behaviour etc. His articles are usually very short with no fluff.

Website analytics

Woopra - While most people suggest Google Analytics for your website, I find the date can be overwhelming. Instead I use Woopra, which I feel is simpler to use. Gives you insight to what website visitors do on your website. The added benefit is you are not passing more information to Google.


Feedly – help you set up a RSS feed to get updates for your favorite websites. Saves you time from clicking around the internet.

GetPocket – a free web service to bookmark important articles so you can read them later, and not disrupt your flow.

Streak – Scheduled emails to send later, track email opens. Basically a simple CRM in your Inbox. Track up to 200 tracked each month for free. You no longer have to wonder if your emails were opened or not, and you can choose the appropriate follow up.