Undo Send Gmail Have you ever gotten a sick feeling, the one you get where, the moment you clicked the send button on your email, you realized there was a mistake.

I’m sure you have experienced this. This happened to all of us, no matter how careful you are.

Perhaps it is a typo error, an attachment you forgot to attach, or worst, you sent the email to the wrong person.

At the very least, such mistakes can be embarrassing. At worst, it can cost you your job.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this.

Gmail allows you to recall the email before it goes out to the world wide web.

Here are the simple steps.

Once you have logged into Gmail, click on settings icon at the top right of your browser.


Scroll down a bit and look for Undo Send.

Click to Enable Undo Send. Next select the send cancellation period. You can choose between 5 to 30 seconds.


That is the time frame you have to click on the Undo Send button once you have clicked Send to send an email. Once the time has elapsed, you can’t recall the email anymore.

You will see this pop up on Gmail once you Send an email. So, if you realized you have made a mistake, you have to click Undo. After the time you chose has passed, the Undo option is no longer there.


Hope you like it and found it useful.