What’s new in Shotcut Version 19.01.27?

Swirl effect, chroma hold, and extra presets for Size and Position for more creative video making. Watch the video below.

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In today’s video we will take a look at what’s new in a short conversion 19.01.27 so that … What? Where did that guy came from? I thought I was supposed to explain this new feature". Okay the more interesting effect is actually this filter here which is something called chroma hold.

Okay so that’s chroma hold. Hope you got it. There are some other features as well they are not so interesting so I won’t run through there but if you really want to know I’m just gonna put it right at the description and one last thing do something small today to build a better business until the next time this is James bye bye.

You guys are still here okay let me show you how is it done okay I have my clip over here the first part and then on my second part here I have this clip so in order to use the swirl filter what you need to do is to overlap it okay and then apply the filter the swirl filter to the transition is off rather than to the clip.

And the other part to use the chroma hold filter is very simple. Select the clip that you want, go to filters, go to video so for Chrome hold is here and when you select the color goes away so what you need to do is to use the color picker and pick a color that you want to keep and you can actually just adjust this all right and so that’s all about chroma hole

Do this so do you see that and there’s a bunch of other features in charcoal as well the new one some additional presets over here okay so that’s about as new in shortcut bye-bye.

I’m serious this time.

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