I created this course Video Editing Made Easy With Shotcut Video Editor to help anyone get started with Shotcut video editor.

Shotcut is a very good piece of video editing software if you want to upgrade from say Windows Movie Maker, or iMovie. It has enough advanced features for most of the things you’ll want to do without being complicated.

Here’s a review of Shotcut on Youtube. As I’m a firm believer of teaching what I use myself, the video below was edited with Shotcut.

I feel it is also a good software to use if you don’t feel like paying a subscription for some video editors anymore.

Since it is free, just download it and give is a shot.

Shotcut Tutorial Chromakey

Shotcut Tutorial - Greenscreen Effect

My tutorials on using Shotcut will help you get started quickly, whether you are new to video editing or have some experience editing videos.

In the course, I also cover more advanced editing like using Shotcut for Picture-in-Picture, greenscreen or chromakey, stabilizing shaky videos and more.

Sample clips are also available for you to use so you can edit as you go along in the course.

You can also download my Shotcut Cheatsheet for free here.

If you have any questions about the course please email me here.