The lesson below shows you how to add text behind moving objects. The object can be a person, a vehicle or even if the camera moves.

It uses the built in Glaxnimate mask feature and can make for a dramatic effect. It is great for showing location if the text shows a location.

By the way, this lesson is part of The Official Shotcut Training. A number of people asked for it, so I released to YouTube.

For this tutorial, selecting video clips with suitable background is important. Take note of the colors between the foreground object, the background and the color of the text.

If the colors are too close together, it won’t work so well.

Sample Text Behind Object Shotcut

The basis of this effect is to create a “sandwich” with the text layer between 2 video clips. The video clip is the same video that is stacked on each other exactly.

Then a mask is created on the upper video clip to mask out the section where the text goes behind.

If you want to try it with something simpler, use an object that doesn’t change shape.

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