PDF Tips If your work requires you to handle client forms regularly, this PDF tip will help you be more effective with your time.

There’s a video at the bottom of this article if you prefer a video rather than read, to see how it works.

The issue?

You are handling forms and paper that requires signatures. Quite often, what many of us do, is to process the form in several steps.

It usual to fill up the form partially, then to fax or scan the form, and finally email it out to a client for them to sign and return the form.

There is a better way which cuts out the printing, scanning or faxing the form.

You don’t need to print documents out to fill, scan it and then to send it. It also frees you from the need for a fax line or get into the office to handle common paperwork.

What’s needed?

Nitro Reader software. This is a PDF reader software that is used to open and read PDF documents like the popular Adobe® Reader®. More than just reading the document, it allows you to add notes, edit PDFs and even included a signature image to PDF documents.

It almost like being able to sign a document digitally without the need to print and then scan the document or to fax it. Saving you 2 steps and allowing you to work with more freedom.

This software is free too. You can download it here.

Download and install the software

Once it is installed, you can open any PDF document with it. In the sample below, I"ll show you how you can use it to fill up a credit card form and include a signature in it.

After your document is opened, click on “Type Text” Edit PDF - Type Text

Next, move your cursor to the point where you want to fill up the form. You can start to fill up the form by typing in whatever details you need to fill. Then save the edits.


Add signature to PDF document

To add your signature to the credit card form, you must have a scanned image of your signature in jpg format. You can do that with a scanner or even your mobile phone.

Click on the QuickSign tab, select the image from your computer, and add it into Nitro PDF Reader. You can now stamp your signature wherever you want to place your signature.

Edit PDF Signature


Include Signature in PDF

Once your signature is added into Nitro PDF Reader, you can re-use your signature in the future. There is password security for you signature so that you can prevent others from using your signature.


Once your signature is stamped into the document, it cannot be removed. However, you can edit other text that you typed in.

Highlight text

Besides added text, you can also highlight existing text in PDF documents. This makes it easy if you want your recipient to focus on parts of a document you want them to pay attention to. Highlight PDF text

Add comments

Comments in a PDF document helps allows you to clarify or to explain action you want people to take. For example, you want to remind your customer to sign their signature according to the credit card as below.

Edit PDF comment

Hope these tips with help you be save time, reduce your workflow and be more effective.

This short 7 minute video explains these steps in detail.

Do let me know if you find this tip useful to reduce your workflow by leaving a comment below.