This is a review of NewZenler after using it for just over 3 years.

Course creators who want to create and sell an online course have a few options to do it nowadays. 

This article is my in-depth and honest NewZenler review. 

NewZenler is not as well known compared to similar course hosting sites like Teachable, Thinkific, Podia or Kajabi.

It is likely, they started later but I’m not 100% sure.

I started to use NewZenler in July 2019. Prior to that I an older version made by the same people called Zenler and switched over when NewZenler came out.

Out of the gate, New Zenler is designed to be an all-in-one platform that offers all the features you need to create and sell online courses.

Unlike its many competitors, Rakesh Valil the CEO of NewZenler is active in the FB community for course creators to get feedback and occasionally help out customer like me.

Their customer service is among the top.

I’ve used other online platforms and services. It often take a few days to weeks to get a reply from support then.

Quick Overview

These are the advantages and disadvantages tabled for you.

Advantages Disadvantages
Unlimited courses Community feature is basic
Unlimited student Affiliate features requires manual payment
Free plan that’s usable Back end user interface 5
Robust email marketing includes tags, rules based filtering Limited stats on student
Marketing funnels and landing pages
Upsell and orderbumps
Memberships and time limited plans
Blog functions
Ability to offer live classes / webinars
Flexible course builder
Ability to Drip lessons over time
Course bundles
Discount coupons
Built in drag and drop custom designer
Custom domains
Quiz and assignments
Automatic completion certificate
Accepts Paypal and Stripe
Handles VAT


NewZenler is a very complete web application to host, market and sell your online courses.

The main challenge for any course creator is to market their courses if you don’t know that yet.

The team at NewZenler designed the platform to address marketing from the start.

That is why setting up a landing page, making marketing funnels and email marketing is easy to use even for a beginner. Yes, it take some time to know where things are located but once you know, it is easy.

There is an active community on FB to help you out too if needed.

These are the essentials too make the whole thing work.

Many course hosting platforms just focus on hosting the courses, providing an easy way to manage curriculum and have a good student experience.

This mean the teaching and learning part but the marketing part is of secondary importance.

NewZenler puts it front and center.

How Is Business?

You see how your business is doing once you log in.

The sales summary in a chart, sign ups, leads collected etc.

The basic stats to have pulse on your course sales. If sales and leads are coming in, life it good.

What I like

I like the integrated approach. Having use multiple services to achieve similar things in the past bogged me down so much.

Having to switch between different web application to set up landing pages, hooking up the right email sequence etc can be hair pulling experience.

After that you have to test the different components to make sure everything is working as they should.

It becomes worse when you want to make changes to your email sequence or landing pages.

Been there, done that.

I prefer the integrated approach anytime.

The Instructor Side

This is well designed and easy to use in NewZenler.

You can create place lessons in individual modules. Changing the order of lessons or module is a matter of drag and drop.

It makes organizing the curriculum easy for you and your students.

If you want to additional material or have notes to go with your video lessons, you can do that by adding PDFs, audio, PowePoint, downloads etc. as you can see below.

Sometimes there are minor changes in what you teach. Instead of redoing an entire video lesson, just add a text note.

NewZenler Content option

You can set lessons as a free preview, draft or compulsory with just a few clicks. Extremely useful as you build out or update your courses.

Drip Schedule

If you have membership style courses or are concerned that people may rip off your content and ask for a discount, you have the ability to drip schedule your course.

Setting this up again is very easy with just a few clicks.

Student Environment

The student environment is nicely done with pleasant colors. I didn’t change anything here.

Next, I like most is the ability to include multiple format lesson including video lessons, audio, PDF, text, code, quiz, live sessions etc. within one lesson.

It opens up the learning environment.

You can also have compulsory lessons which a student have to finish before moving on.

If you offer corporate training the compulsory lessons feature will be handy in ensuring compliance.

Course Statistics

NewZenler gives statistics at each step of any course landing page.

You can see the conversion rate at each stage to see where visitors are dropping off and make the necessary changes.

The page builder is drag and drop.

You can add images, call to action, buttons, testimonials easily.

Marketing funnels

I used a simple marketing funnel. A pop-up on my course landing page.

A visitor to the site can download a free PDF in exchange for their email address.

I send them extra material over a few days to gentle encourage them to sign up. Some do and some don’t.

It is extremely easy once you get the hang of it.

You can also use more elaborate video funnels releasing a video a day for a number of days to build trust with your customers before they sign up.

Email marketing

The built in email marketing it robust enough for my use.

It is easy to set up the email drip sequence. Changing it is also just a matter of a click.

You can set logic rules to only email people who haven’t bought a particular course. Set it up so that once they have bought, you stop emailing them the following sequence.

Once they have signed up, they go through a different sequence.

If you think the built in email is too limited or if you already use an third party email provider, you can integrate it to NewZenler too.

For example using MailChimp, MailerLite, ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign etc if you prefer to have a separate platform handle your email.


I have a few affiliates to help me sell my courses. The affiliate function is built it.

You can decide on the percentage, the tracking code validity date. You can also decide which courses get a referral fee if you have multiple courses.

There are two disadvantages to the built in system though.

First there is no public sign-up option for affiliates and you’ll have to add them manually.

Second is you have to pay your affiliate manually which is a bit of extra work.

The former is not such an issue for me because I prefer to have someone take my class before they become an affiliate. I’d say the latter is a bigger issue if you plan to have many affiliates.

Live Webinars

New Zenler allows you to host live classes and webinars, where you can invite as many people as you want.

This is done through an integration with Zoom.

These live webinars are available just for your enrolled students or paying members, but they can also be completely open to the public.

The public webinars can be used as your marketing too especially great for higher ticket courses.

Live classes, webinars and the like are available for the paid plans which is a good offer once you consider what’s included.

Community Section

While there is a community in NewZenler, it is rather basic.

I didn’t use it much.

I know that a few course creators use third party integrations for this if they need a better community section.


NewZenler can handle one of payment, subscriptions for memberships and even payment plan.

Paypal and Stripe is built in. The money you collect from customer goes directly to your account.

For Stripe, it may take a few days depending on which country you are from.

I know that for users from India can utilize Razorpay. You can also integrate other payment option using web hooks.


NewZenler checks a lot of boxes and does most things very well. There are a few things still need improvements.

The good news is the team is building up extra features as they go along.

I would have no qualms about recommending NewZenler.

If you like to try it out using the free plan first and upgrade once you are ready.

NewZenler Pricing

The price as I type this is $67 per month or $647 / year for the Pro plan that allows you all the features I mentioned for 3 different websites.

The premium plan allows you to have 10 sites and unlimited leads and emails for $197 per month or $1,447 per year.

You can try NewZenler using the free plan. The free plan has limited number of emails and no live classes.

Use this link here to sign up for free.

If you have questions, feel free to email me or ask in the comments below.