A look at InVideo.io a web based application that helps you to make videos.

Videos are popular and in demand today. Social media platforms favor them because you spend more time watching a video than a post or an image.

The good news is ever more tools are created to enable videos to be more easily created.

So you don’t have to be a video editor to make videos. Well you still do depending on the type of video you want to make.

The way I test software

The way I test software is to see how far can I get without help. This is especially so for software that is aimed at a relative new comer.

I had a little bit of trouble initially because I started using the tool thinking of it as a usual video editor and I started with the hardest option which is to create a video from scratch.

Bad decision.

InVideo has the functionality to make video from scratch, the strength lies elsewhere. I should have started with either option 1 which is to convert a script to video, or option 2 which is to use ready-made templates.

So if you want to try this don’t start with Option 3.

At first InVideo felt a bit clunky but it was more me than the software itself. After using it a bit more where I know which buttons to press I started to make some headway.

I managed to create a few videos using the templates for a listicle, a few other videos and an intro. Since I’ve wanted to have an intro and outtro for my YouTube videos for sometime InVideo came at the right time.

Here’s my first attempt. A bit fancier than usual and I immediately put it to use when I made my InVideo review.

You will catch the intro in the review video below after just a few seconds.

Here’s the review. It is a bit long at 14 minutes and I already tried to squeeze it as much as I can.

Give InVideo.io a test and let me know what you think? Does it add to your ability to make more videos especially for social media and for marketing?

There is a free plan for you to get started and the some paid plans with extras.

I made a short course to show you how to use InVideo. Enroll here for the free course.