How to post photos and videos to Instagram directly from your computer.

I’ve been exploring Instagram after seeing the opportunities there. In a short time, I managed to connect with a few people and learned from them and their business.

Instagram can be an effective business tool and it isn’t limited to those selling physical products or being an lifestyle influencer. Besides photos, you can use post videos or even create live videos on Instagram.

Anyway being a bit old school, I use my laptop more than the smartphone when it comes to creating videos and images. So when I came across this free Chrome extension that allows you upload photos and video directly to Instagram from your computer I was quite happy.

There are paid features are being developed but at the moment, I’m just using the free version which is sufficient for my purposes for now.

You can download and install this free browser extension here.

The video above is a short 3 min video on YouTube that shows you how to use it and a bit of my Instagram journey so far. The video is here.

My Instagram feed isn’t very pretty at the moment but I’ve decided to put in a bit of effect to see where it leads to. My focus is really to connect with people on the platform and a smaller part it to use it to amplify my content.

Compared to say YouTube, I feel that content on the Instagram can be less formal and require less work and work to create.

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