In 2015, I wanted to record an online course. Let’s call that Course X.

That meant recording and editing several hours worth of videos.

I had made videos before in the past but nothing that required that much editing.

Six years ago, there weren’t that many good free video editing software.

After looking around and testing a few video editor, the best free video editor I found was Shotcut.

Recording and editing the course took a month. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time on Shotcut and got to know it very well.

After creating Course X, I found that there wasn’t a structured way for people to learn how to use Shotcut.

I decided to create a course on Shotcut. Once I completed it, I showed it to Dan Dennedy, the lead developer of Shotcut.

He liked it so much and asked that it be the official Shotcut training course.

More than 2,000 people had taken the training. You can see customer review’s here.

Since Shotcut gets better with new features released, I’ve kept the training course updated.

I’ve created other courses as well and look forward to see you in my courses.

Dan sent me a cap all the way from the United States. Thanks Dan.