If you are looking for a free screen recorder that can record your screen, you webcam, and have the ability to do some simple edits, Soapbox Chrome extension may just be the right app for you.

Check out how to use Soapbox in this tutorial cum review

Some pros about Soapbox

  1. It is free
  2. Easy to install browser extension
  3. Able to adjust video quality through framerate and bitrate settings
  4. Ability to trim the video - the start and end only at the moment
  5. Able to switch from webcam alone, to screen alone, to both webcam and screen

Some cons about Soapbox

  1. Videos are hosted by Wistia
  2. Can’t download the videos at the moment
  3. Only simple edits, you can’t join another video clip or cut out the middle section

All in all, I think it is a good extension to have in your arsenal to create videos.

Get the Soapbox extension here. Requires Chrome browser.

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