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This is for various Filmora 12 PlansGet 20% Off Perpetual or annual plan for Windows or Mac discount coupon code. The normal price is US$79.99.

You can also get discount for other plans as well.

The video below will show you how to get the discount or you can just read the text instructions below.

If you are not sure if Filmora is for you, you can download and try it first here.

To use the coupon code, follow the steps below.

  • Copy this code: E3GE3OA5O3 (For Windows Perpetual. For other plans scroll down this page)

  • Click this link to checkout. Link will take you to a page that looks like the image below.

  • Select your currency.

  • Check the box “I have a discount coupon”. Paste the coupon and refresh.

  • Fill in your information and finish your order.

Once you’ve finished the order, an order confirmation will be delivered to your email address.

Depending on where you live, tax or VAT may apply and the percentage is different for different countries.

Apply Filmora Discount Code

Other Options

Use the different links and discount code for different operating system.

If you clicked several of the links above more than once, you will add more than one Filmora software. Remove the ones you do not need by clicking on the red X.

how to use Filmora discount code coupon

Important Notice

I read in forums and social media people who are confused by the meaning of a perpetual plan. Perpetual by Wondershare’s definition is as follows.

A perpetual Filmora license allows you to use a specific version of Filmora continually with payment of a single fee. Therefore, the plan does not include future versions of Filmora. You may need to pay an additional lower-cost fee to resubscribe for support and upgrades.

You can read the FAQ on Filmora’s page to understand more here.

Disclosure - If you purchase Filmora with the above link, I earn a small commission from Filmora. You do not pay extra when you use the link and will enjoy a discount so it is a win-win. This helps me keep the lights on and keep making videos on YouTube. I do not store nor process any payment information on this site.