Have you ever sent out an email to a prospective customer, a quotation, brochure etc., and wonder if they read it? Or you are not quite sure when to follow up with them.

If you call too soon, you may give the impression that you are desperate for a sale. If you follow up too late, you might miss the sale to your competitor.

You no longer have to guess. You can enhance your email with Yesware, the email tracking extension for Gmail that helps you to track, remind and monitor your emails. It is also available for Outlook.

Email Tracking


EmailTrackingYeswareYesware is a free addon to Gmail. With Yesware, you can track when your recipient opens your email. Do they open it multiple times but don’t reply you.

For example, you can see in the image above, the date and time an email was sent, and when it was opened. You can see if the same email is opened multiple times.


Sales people are busy. Sometimes you forgot to follow up on an email you sent.

With Yesware, you can set reminders for yourself when to follow up. The reminders can be set in such a way a certain number of days after your email is opened. It can be set regardless of whether your email is opened.

This way, you know what questions to ask, but don’t be creepy.

Email Reminder

Being creepy will be telling the recipient something like, “I know you opened my email on such a day, at such time” to the recipient.

They could have lied to you, which makes them a potentially bad customer, or they could have opened your email but didn’t have time to read it thoroughly.

Don’t be creepy, and you don’t have to let them know you are tracking the emails.

Reply Templates

Have you ever reply to different emails but with common answers? You can save your reply in templates. Instead of hunting for past email to copy and paste, Yesware allows you to have pre-written templates to reply to common emails.

This way, you save time without having to retype the same reply repeatedly. The templates are conveniently located so you can choose which template to use as you write your emails.

Yesware email Templates

Yesware is free for tracking up to 100 events per month.

To track more email events and more advance features like connecting to a CRM, customer relationship management software, there is a small fee to pay, ranging from US$ 10 to $ 20 per month per user.

With this addon, you should be able to make better use of your time to follow up, to know which prospects are warm leads, which ones to drop and more.

How to install Yesware

Yesware works on Chrome and Firefox browser for Gmail. If you use either of these browsers, then go to Yesware.com. Look for a big orange button that says “Install for Gmail”

Click on that to download the Yesware addon to your browser. Follow the instruction and you will find Yesware at the top portion of your Gmail account when you log in.


Some email software blocks images or opens emails in plain text. If that is the case, then, you will not receive any notification from Yesware if the email is opened or not.

The reason this happens is in order to track emails, Yesware puts a tiny image within the email message. When images are blocked, Yesware cannot tell if emails are opened.