Here are 3 top screen recorder that allows you to record your screen and your webcam.

Over the years, I’ve tested and used many. Since then screen recorders or screen recording software have gotten better with more features.

Here are my top 3 choices for screen recorders and the reason they are top in my list.


Screencastify is a Chrome browser extension. The free version allows you to record up to 5 minutes. It also have a basic editor that allows you to trim your video. Recorded videos are saved in your Google Drive.

Screencastify allows you do to annotations in the video recording.

The premium version removes the time limit, allows you to merge videos together, add text as well as crop your recordings. It cost $49 per year.


Screencast-O-Matic also has a free and paid versions. The free version allows you to record up to 15 minutes with or without your webcam. While it allows you to record your voice, the free version does not record the computer audio.

It also has basic trim functions.

The paid version includes a built in editor that allows to you:-

  • trim, cut and split your videos
  • create transitions
  • zoom ins
  • add text, arrows,
  • highlights, blurs, record mouse clicks
  • fade your webcam in and out

It starts at $4 a month so it is cheaper than Screencastify.

Filmora 11 Built In Screen Capture

Filmora 11 is a video editor that has a built-in screen capture feature. It allows you to record your screen and your webcam. Being a full video editor, naturally it is more capable software.

It is a paid software with different price plans depending on whether you want to pay an annual fee or a one time fee for lifetime access.

The annual access provides additional downloads like audio tracks, video effects that you may like if you want to create some attractive videos.

Check out my review of Filmora 9 here. Click on this link to get a Filmora discount.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a screen recorder and live streaming software. It is totally free however you cannot edit any video that is recorded. It’s advantage besides being free is:-

  • It’s multi platform - Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • Allows you to do combination of just recording your screen, webcam alone, or both.
  • It does not create watermarks on your video, nor is there any time limitations

The major disadvantage of OBS Studio is:-

  • numerous settings you need to set that can confuse a new user
  • there is no indication what you are recording, you may complete an entire run through and didn’t record a thing
  • no built in editor

If you want to use OBS Studio for live streaming and screen recording you can have a look at my course on using it.


The other alternatives for screen recording includes:-

  • Camtasia (includes video editing function; Windows and Mac)
  • Screenflow (includes video editing function; Mac only)

Both these software are pricier compared to the ones mentioned above.