Hi there. I’m James.

I teach people how to make videos. I created a training course for a video editing software that became The Official Shotcut Training.

I had the privilege to teach over nine thousand people from around the world since 2016 through my online courses.

Educators from university, artists, business owners signed up for my courses when the Covid pandemic hit. I’m grateful what I created helped in some ways during a global pandemic.

I was an engineer. Went into sales. Got online to improve my marketing and sales.

Decided to quit sales after 15 years because I wanted a new challenge.

Connect With Me

The best way to contact me is email. The second best way is to use Twitter.

I’m also on YouTube if you want to check out some of my videos. Work history at Linkedin.

How We Can Work Together

I have an affiliate program if you are interested to promote my courses.

Tell me a bit about what you are working on. I’m open to collaboration if it fits.